Four Ways That Focusmate May Be Your Biggest Ally

I’ve been using for about 10 months now and it’s completely changed the way I get things done. I’ve been a fan of the Pomodoro Technique for years and this Focusmate takes that to a new level.

How does Focusmate work?

Basically, Focusmate provides you a live accountability partner during your scheduled 50 minute, uninterrupted work time to ensure that you show up and stay focused.

  • After you set up an account, you choose a time to schedule your work block.
  • You either select or are assigned a workmate.
  • You show up on the app at the assigned time, with video on and audio on, and meet your workmate.
  • You say a very quick “Hello”, each share what you are working on, and turn off the audio if you both agree to that. Video stays on.
  • You get to work on the task.
  • When the 50 minutes are up, you share what you got done and say “good-bye.”

There isn’t a lot of chit-chat, and certainly no selling or promoting, per the community guidelines. But there is a lot of one thing—productivity.

Why does Focusmate work?

Here are four ways Focusmate can be your biggest ally when you’re trying to work from home and actually get things done:

  1. Time Awareness. With these 50 minute blocks, and being obligated to tell someone what you’re going to use that time to do, you start becoming cognizant of how you are using your time. Time no longer just ticks by day after day. It puts you back in control.
  2. Task Awareness. Instead of looking at an ever-growing todo list and wondering how you’ll ever get it all done, this method and app help you choose something doable. It also helps you break down your tasks into items you can accomplish in 50 minutes. You’ll start seeing your todos in bite size chunks.
  3. Accountability. No longer can you say “oh I’m going to do this this afternoon” and then just watch the day whisk away. You have to show up because someone is waiting for you. If you don’t show up, your Focusmate score goes down. And we all know how the psychology of gamification works. Let’s just say… you’ll show up.
  4. Focus. This is where Focusmate has the biggest impact. When you’ve got that video on, and someone who knows you’re supposed to be working can SEE you, you’re less likely to just start scrolling Instagram or grabbing another snack. You’ll stay at it for those 50 minutes. And you’ll get stuff done.

A tool to make you better

In this time when so many of us are remote working, and so many of us may continue doing so for the near future, the productivity question is key. How can you make sure you are crushing your goals? How can you continue to be the one who is creating and driving projects? Staying productive is key. And for me, Focusmate is a big ally in doing that.

Joshua McNary

Joshua McNary

As a Marketing Technology expert and founder/CEO of McNary Marketing & Design LLC, Joshua McNary meshes business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems. After over a decade of working in non-profit and then the corporate world, Joshua acts on his knowledge about business, marketing, design, and web development to help business, start-ups, and organizations. In the last four years since McNary Marketing's founding, he and his team have done extensive work assisting businesses with their initiatives including developing proactive goal-oriented websites, designing and implementing various sales & marketing systems and integrations, and related business technology solutions. Joshua is also an entrepreneurial community and productivity strategy enthusiast which has help him better grow his efforts at McNary Marketing and help clients do the same. Learn more about and connect with Joshua at

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