Why & How To Remote Work

We have been collecting links which will be useful to those trying to understand the need for remote work in the pandemic and how to do it better.

Why we need to work remote

What Tools To Use

Here are our favorite tools and technology which you may want to checkout for your remote work. 


  • Zoom: Current leader in technology and ease of use in web meeting space. 
  • GoToMeeting: Online meeting and web conferencing tool well-know & used by many. Owned by LogMeIn.
  • join.me: Browser based meeting rooms, simpler features. Owned by LogMeIn.


  • Slack: The most popular chat tool among young and developer-centric users. Does have some learning curve for non-techie users.
  • HipChat: Use HipChat if you have an issue with Slack, but like the “Slack-like” chat model or want local hosting of the application. 
  • Olark: Easy & affordable to try chat on your website. We’ve seen it increase visitor engagement. 


  • Sococo: Online workplace where distributed teams come to work together.
  • MURAL: digital workspace for visual collaboration
  • Status Hero: Sync up your team and cut through all of the noise.

Project Management

  • Trello: Visual project management using card system of tasks and columns. Includes sharing features.
  • Basecamp: Basecamp has led online project management tools for years with simple one-page projects and intuitive functions.
  • Teamwork: More in-depth clone of Basecamp with more features and project management options.

Finding Something Interesting ?

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